Track Biden


  • Q: What is this?

    A: A digital dashboard to concisely track the fulfillment of President Biden's promises for first 100 days.

  • Q: What is your goal?

    A: We aspire to create a resource that is useful to all people, regardless of political viewpoint, who are interested in following the accomplishments of the incoming administration.

  • Q: What is the source of the tracked promises?

    A: Promises are compiled from both the President's Twitter account, as well as the Biden-Harris Presidential Transition Twitter account. Other sources include interviews, campaign videos, press conferences, and the Biden official plan. The primary source(s) of the promise are displayed as icons beside each promise.

  • Q: How do you decide what to link to?

    A: When we update the tracker, we link to documents from official government websites. We link to relevant videos, articles, social media posts, or other sources that may help provide context.

  • Q: How does it work?

    A: On the home page, you will see icons for five policy categories that encompass the promises we compiled for the first hundred days. Under each category, progress on specific promises will be updated. Our tracker will change from gray ("no action"), to orange ("In progress"), to green ("Done") as progress is made on a particular issue. If a policy fails to be implemented or a position is changed in some official capacity, the tracker will change to red.

  • Q: I saw _______ promise, it's related to the first 100 days. Why isn't it on your site?

    A: We might have missed it! We welcome your feedback and tips as to progress on a policy that we may have missed. Please, use this form.